OPEN DEMO ACCOUNT GLOBAL TRADE CAPITAL Global Trade Capital Limited is a global brand dedicated to online foreign exchange and commodity brokerage companies. It is registered, supervised and authorized by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Vanuatu
(Company license number: 40534).

Account Problem

Only when you have read and accepted the public release agreement (account opening agreement and all its attachments), will you register the transaction account at the same time?. Accepting these documents means that you fully understand the conditions of all customer agreements and their attachments, and accept all rights and obligations referred to in the agreement. There is no need to sign a written copy of the customer agreement.

GTC Global Trade Capital Ltd; is a global financial investment brokerage company having offices in multiple cities like Dubai, UAE,  Vanuatu, and Hongkong.

1)Identity certificate (ID card, passport, residence booklet)

2)Bank card (you can use all the bank card in your name, the money out to the registered bank card)

You only need to provide your ID card, bank card, after verification success, our backstage customer service will help you open an account immediately.

As soon as you complete your account, your mailbox will receive an email with an account number and password. If you go in, you can enter the money in accordance with the steps. After you inject capital into your account, you can do the transaction.

You can click the “forgot password” on the platform login page, and you need to reset the password. The new password will be sent to your registration email address

We can support both MT4 & MT5 software. MT4 & MT5 are powerful global transaction software and provides a good stability.

Foreign exchange time is 24 hours a day, the exchange opening time: EST on Sunday from 5 pm to 5 pm on Friday (Beijing time Monday the summer time for 5 to 5 Saturday morning, summer time for non Beijing time Monday Saturday morning as early as 6 am to 6 pm)

Generally speaking, in Europe and North America winter time, the transaction time weekly until Friday Sunday from 21:00GMT 22:05GMT. In these areas, the weekly trading time starts from 21:05GMT on Sunday to Friday 20:00GMT. Market activity time may vary from public holiday or unusual liquidity situation due to possible special international events. GTCForex may also be based on liquidity and risk

Management considerations change the timing of opening or closing.

Note that most of the financial instruments can be traded at any time in 24 hours, and certain financial instruments such as stocks and indices have specific trading time constraints.

No charge for opening an account in our company. The minimum cost of opening a mini account is only 10 dollars

The leverage we offer has 1:100,1:200 to choose from. Leverage by customers in the application of registration, independent choice, no restrictions, after opening accounts can change leverage, just contact our back customer service can be. If you have other special leverage requirements, you can open an account and send an email to for instructions


You can install the MT4 software directly, and apply the simulation account directly to the software

We specify the account settlement currency as US dollars and rmb. If the customer chooses the US dollar as the settlement currency and deposits the money in rmb. The exchange rate is fair and transparent, and the company will not charge any fees.

All you need is a computer connected to the Internet and an account with access to money. In addition, we strongly recommend that you have foreign exchange / CFD or other financial products knowledge and trading tools to help you reduce market risk.

You can trade any amount between $10 and $1000, depending on your confidence and risk tolerance.

In the general trading period, the foreign exchange margin is as low as 500 USD / hand.

Orders will not be implemented during market closing.


Contact us at the Consulting GTC office or submit a business inquiry online.

    The Deposit

    All bank cards (savings cards, Visa card, Master card, etc.) are available.

    Your money is very safe, GTC Global Trade Capital by government regulation, there are strict isolation as an escrow account, into the gold are both to your trading account, so your money is safe.

    No, you must use the bank account of the registrant to register when you open an account. This is to ensure the safety of customer funds, according to the international prevention of money laundering Ordinance, please forgive me.

    Customers can log on to our center according to the individual; after a successful login, click to apply for money “in accordance with the instructions, a reminder, you want to make online payments, your bank card need to open online banking.

    In order to obtain smoother services, we recommend that clients log in using the IE (Internet Explorer) browser.

    No, the company will not accept deposits from the third party.

    Customers can use US dollars or RMB to deposit.

    The amount of each deposit must be more than 10 US dollars (applicable to all trading accounts).

    If your account status is “approved successfully”, no additional conditions should be submitted. If your status is “pre audited”, you must confirm in advance whether the relevant information has been submitted, such as bank card number, issuing bank, cardholder name, issuing bank’s province and city to complete the audit.

    The client can log in to our personal center; after successful login, click the “out of gold” application, enter the amount of withdrawals, and then press “submit”, you can withdraw money. In order not to delay your withdrawal, please confirm whether you have submitted the relevant information, such as bank card number, issuing bank, cardholder name, issuing bank in the province and city. In addition, in order to obtain smoother services, we recommend that clients log in using the IE (Internet Explorer) browser.

    Please note that our company will not charge any additional Commission and Commission on your capital injection and withdrawal, but your bank will charge a certain fee (transfer fee).

    Depending on the arrangement of your withdrawal bank, withdrawals are not processed on Saturday and tomorrow. According to the operation time of different banks, usually 1-3 working days.

    In order to ensure that your account security funds, and all funds are safe to you, in the implementation of the operation before the need to complete a number of audits and operation, plus bank turnaround time, so 1-3 days is normal time.

    Based on the provisions of the regulatory agencies, if your status is “pre approved”, must be sure that you have submitted has been submitted to the relevant information such as bank card number, card issuing bank, the cardholder’s name, card issuers in province and city, in order to complete the withdrawal of approval procedures.

    Will the receipt be notified when the net value is lower than the guarantee deposit?

    Please try to set the following way in your receipt box:

    [method 1] so this is not spam:

    A. picked up GTC Forex mail in the trash mail box.

    B. press “this is not spam” button.

    [method two] send the sender of the correspondence to the address book:

    A. click “join the address book” link.

    B. selects the button to add the address book at the settings page.

    If you need a complaint, please contact your account manager first. They will investigate events and look for the fastest solution. If you wish to further complain, please send an email and send the complaint to

    All the tax problems need to be handled by yourself. If you have any questions about your tax status, please seek independent advice.

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    • Friendly interface and intuitive transaction.
    • Support EA transactions.
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